I've always been obsessed with the way the face changes over time, and how time and experience and all the things we endure leave their impressions on our lives and how we look living the rest of it.

When reflecting over this idea I remembered a certain multiple exposure photo taken of me with my two different guitars during my performances in Australia.

I did a little research and realized that the photo was taken by an individual by the name of Lisa Businovski. The photo taken was intuitive to my earlier work and connected to that early obsession I had of faces and phases. I don't think there’s a better example of me caught on photo, in motion, and yet still too. I hope to see and experience more examples to Lisa's work in the coming years.

Angel Olsen

Lisa's work as a live music and portrait photographer is exciting, unique and captivating. Lisa has an innate and deep understanding of the creative force and is incredibly in tune with her subjects. From firsthand experience I can attest to not only Lisa's professionalism and extraordinary efficiency but also to her absolute and undeniable authenticity in that she is the real deal. Lisa has an absolute knack and flair for photography and is extremely passionate and dedicated to her art form. Without a doubt, Lisa is an important talent in Australian music photography.


Lisa took my first ever press shots. I wasn’t entirely comfortable having my photo taken and always felt awkward in front of the camera. She had a way of easing my nerves without me realising. Since then Lisa has photographed me many times, both in live shows and in various settings. She consistently delivers beautiful shots full of personality that show her ability to capture the one moment of specialness. In my time working with Lisa she has created album artworks for me, numerous press shots, t-shirt design; I even got some of her photos of Melbourne streetscapes printed for my sister’s birthday. Her works are one-of-kind and she is a pleasure to know. 


I have had Lisa photograph many of the artists I work with over the years. Lisa' formal training in fine arts is evident in her unique approach to image making. Her live photos are able to capture the agility of the live experience along with the artist's, and her own, aesthetic. Having Lisa shoot an artist is a privilege and a pleasure.

Jacob Snell (Monster Management | Methyl Ethel / Hatchie / Cloud Control)

Lisa Businovski is one of the most inventive photographers in the music industry. She has approached a format that is primarily about function, and has managed to inject creativity to each session. She is one of the rare photographers who is recognisable instantly from her work. It's become common for me to see an artist I follow on Instagram post a photo and I will note to myself "that must be Lisa". This is a huge achievement and I love her work.

 Joanna Syme (Big Scary | Hotel Motel Records)

We’ve been lucky enough to have Lisa shoot many of the acts on our roster and international artists who we’re touring and the results have always been stunning! Her work is world class and really brings out the spirit of each performer, whether that be in their strength or fragility. She also has the rare quality of bringing a great vibe to the green room with artists, immediately making everyone feel at ease in front of the camera.

Johann Ponniah (Founder & Director I OH YOU | Converge Management | DMA’s/ Rolling Blackouts Coastal Fever/ Violent Soho / DZ Deathrays /City Calm Down / Jack River )

Lisa's unique style has seen her Mushroom family call upon her many a time: producing stunning, organic artist shots, bold album and single artworks and capturing musicians at their most vulnerable, live on stage.

Lisa's creativity and innovativeness is driven by a clear passion for the industry where she not only excels but dedicates time to give back through mentoring programs, passing on wisdom and knowledge to emerging photographers.

Matt Gudinski (Executive Director | The Mushroom Group)

Lisa's photography for Slum Sociable has been an integral part of our identity for a long time now. She has always made us feel comfortable in expressing our ideas for both press and live shots, and has always provided the extra, necessary spark to create some incredible memories for us.

We couldn't be more grateful for her professionalism and openness to collaborate too, and feel lucky to consider her part of our team. Whenever a new photo is posted on our socials we are instantly inundated with people asking who took the shot. Lisa is incredibly efficient and thoughtful with her style of photography, and we can't wait to see where her talents take her next. 

Slum Sociable